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About us

The experts of Erimex SA have set themselves the task of supplying Europe and the world with predominantly Mediterranean food products. In order to ensure complete customer satisfaction, our company offers utterly fresh products, thanks to the most modern conservation and transport methods.

With its head office in Ticino, the company uses Swiss infrastructure and organisational skills and makes full use of the excellent knowledge of accomplished Italian producers in the food sector. Decades of experience in the Italian food products business ensure customers receive the best quality/price ratio for the desired product.

The company takes on the responsibility of presenting the customers and their needs to the producer in an independent manner, making customer satisfaction its priority.

Erimex SA also acts as a foreign sales office for several well-known Italian brands in Europe and worldwide, overseeing the entire distribution and organisational process and taking care of the needs and particularities of every single foreign market.

Founded in 1980, Erimex SA has always been a family company run with a passion for food, a characteristic that has remained unchanged even after becoming a limited company in 1995.